Version v0.40

Features so far

  • Build structures, walls, corridors, turrets, pylons, extractors.
  • Command units from the overhead command view.
  • Walk around inside structures and interact with doors.
  • Construct units from factories.
  • AI path finding in and outside of structures.
  • Take control of Bots, tanks and aircraft.
  • Dynamic lighting on structures from Sun including internal occlusion maps.
  • Command units from first person perspective.
  • Opposing CEO in his own base for skirmish games, who can currently build a limited base, gather resources using the pylons and send out attack parties to try and assassinate you in your office.

Main aspects that still to implement (not in any particular order)

  • All 150 Tech tree components.
  • Graphical upgrades.
  • Extractors to be turned into a large mining facilities.
  • Other maps.
  • New adaptive UI that changes based on screen resolution.
  • Sound FX and music.
  • Base Operations screen needs a lot of tweaking to become functional.
  • Main menu.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Anti cheating measures.

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