Version 0.80

Executive Assault Version 0.80 is now out.

Now play against 4 AI difficulties:
The Janitor – Fell asleep in the cryotube and awoke with a robot army under her command.
The Shift Supervisor – Just starting out and still trying to get used to controlling everything.
The Managing Director – Enjoying her cushy job at the top with all the experience needed to crush anyone.
The Chairman – Happy to destroy a planet if it means he wont miss lunch.

The AI now has new methods of attacking and strategies.

Also enjoy a new planet: Brazara II – a lush tropical planet that used to be a holiday destination till Heskosium was discovered.


This brings the map total up to 6 with more to comecindarban finilosban nariusna tarkonisban thanatosban

A few issues sorted too to help the game run smoother.

  • SoundFX are now louder to help immerse the player.
  • Scores now display correctly at the end including a game time.
  • Orbital nudge is now more powerful.
  • Idle drones now help with construction rather then making a new drone.
  • Base door now has a health bar
  • Attack button now works on buildings
  • Targeted Reflection on shields have now been fixed.
  • All lasers have now been made more memory efficient.
  • Leg upgrade is now a special attachment rather then a global research

To come next:
Optimisations to fix slowdowns.

Graphical upgrades:



As always feel free to report back any issues you find on the Steam forms and let me know how you get on with the new AI.

Enjoy Version 0.80



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