Version 0.75

Excited to announce I have added a tutorial, let me know what you think? Its not set in stone so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

When you first start Executive Assault now a video tutorial will play at opportune moments during gameplay explaining what to do. This tutorial can be turned off in the options menu. It will be defaulted to ‘On’ for all players.

There are a load of issue fixes too:

  • You can now repair extractors
  • Added a heavy indoor turret
  • You can now see what weapons are assigned to each unit.
  • Added mouse sensitivity and invert for direct control mode
  • Jeeps can no longer be driven inverted
  • Temperature and armour have been removed and replaced with a simple damage and health system, meaning all the weapons now do totally different amounts of damage.
  • The turret alignment HUD on tanks no longer appear on bots.
  • Walkers no longer over tilt on terrains in direct control mode.
  • Mineral scan no longer breaks the minimap
  • Timed explosives now have a 20 second countdown
  • The robot you were controlling no longer runs back to its original position
  • The Emergency desk forcefield HUD should not appear in RTS mode now.
  • Airplanes no longer have issues attempting to fly underground
  • Calcite now reduces research times by 14% and not 10%
  • Tanks now hug the terrain.
  • The research facility now takes 1:30 to research instead of 3 minutes.
  • The AI CEO will no longer get distracted by something else and send his forces away mid attack
  • Audio on vehicles no longer break.

Let me know if you find any balancing issues as it has all been changed.
AI improvements will be coming soon.


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