Greenlit and company formation

It was truly a momentous day to find out that Executive Assault was Greenlit. Momentous not just in the sense that a game I have made will now be sold by Steam, but also by the fact that it is my first game that so far has received some great feedback.

I will be soon be moving off the Steam Greenlight page and continuing my updates on here, Facebook and Twitter only. This will help keep all the updates nice and tidy so you don’t have to keep checking loads of different websites to get the latest information.

A forum will also be set-up soon so that you can make suggestions, ask questions, complement¬†on what a wonderful I’m doing, complain how bug ridden the game is etc. Keep an eye out as sign ups will be starting soon.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank every for not only getting the game Greenlit but also for the support and spreading the word. It will be a great game and I hope something you will play for a long time.




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