Executive Assault v58

Latest pictures from v58

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Industry is now Executive Assault

To make Industry a bit more search friendly I am changing the name of the game to Executive Assault.

In hindsight it was a bit silly of me to call it something with over 477,000,000 hits on Google.
Currently everything is slowly updated and in a few days Facebook might eventually change the name too.
But as of today it will be now known as Executive Assault. I feel now is the best time to do this before things really ramp up.
The old link to the website will redirect to this one which is now www.executiveassault.com
The links to IndiDB and Facebook will remain the same for the time being to help you all adjust to the new name.
On twitter,  @execassault
Enjoy the next post showing off the latest graphics.

Graphical update, new facility and artillery

Based on some of the feedback from my latest video I decided to upgrade the A11bot model. I originally never intended to add any rust or errors to bots texture as it had literally just been manufactured at the factory, however this made it look a little boring and unrealistic.


Along with updating some of the models I have also added the Long Range Facility and Artillery.

Securely enclosed inside the bunker, when activated, this behemoth will rise out and rain shells down on your target. Careful your mainframe doesn’t get hacked else you might not be able to open the outer doors to the building.

Latest trailer for Industry

After a lot of hard work I am proud to present the latest trailer for Industry.

The game is now in a state where all it needs is the content filling in, mainly the 200+ technologies which can be found on its wikisite, however much progress has already been made.

Soon I will be taking pre orders of the game to speed up production in the hope that I can deliver Industry next year. If you enjoy what you see, please help support Industry by liking it on Facebook and spreading the word. You can also follow the latest updates on Industry-game.com

Until then, enjoy the video – it has come a long way since the first one I posted!

Version v0.56

This version comes with a host of UI changes including:

  • You now ‘connect’ to buildings via a button hovering above any structure which you can interface with. This is eventually going to pave way for facility control which will include security functions.
  • Left click brings up the buildings interface, right click brings up its quick menu.
  • Furnished the office as its one of the first things you see so it needed sprucing up.
  • When you now call a lift it immediately comes rather then waiting 5 seconds. Gives you a chance to escape the office.
  • The FPS visuals for the bots have now been changed and simplified, let me know what you think?

Also Watch the sky’s now as the AI now sends over aircraft armed with lasers, (be thankful it doesnt have bombs yet).


Updated Office

Although you probably wont view much of the interior of the office, it’s still the first thing you see when you come out of the CryoPod and gives you an instant impression of the game. Therefore I’ve decided to spruce it up a little.

New office

New drone fabricator

The drone fabricator has now been upgraded from being a boring metal plate to being a full on building. Drones are used to build exterior placements such as pylons and are also used to gather precious minerals.

Eventually all the factories will be upgraded to have manufacturing animations.

Version v0.50

  • Added icons when you zoomed out so that you can see where everything is.
  • Added bombs for aircraft.
  • Added sound FX for most units in FPS mode.
  • Added doors, turrets and forcefields for inside construction.
  • Added new path finding system.
  • Removed BaseOps screen, will probably come back in another form such as Map Radar.
  • Changed Various buildings to make use of new path system.
  • Changed HQ to be more space age.
  • RTS camera now appears on top of where you die.
  • Adjusted the computer so its a bit slower at building and uses resources.
  • AI can now rebuild economy.
  • Various other little adjustments.

New pre-alpha gameplay video

Hi all, this week been working hard on Industry and excited to announce a pre-alpha version of the game which has been released to a select group of people. You can see one of their gameplay videos here. Enjoy 😀

Laser tree completed

I took a few screenshots of me trying to defend my base against an an air attack where the AI was using drop ships to send his troops my way.

The Energy tree has 3 branches, Shields, Laser beams and Pulse lasers. Nether do much kinetic damage but do a lot of heat damage, so good against troops rather then structures.

I’ve also altered the look of the weapons in a way that you will be able to recognise exactly what weapons are being used, and also to convey the power of the weapons.