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Version 0.80

Executive Assault Version 0.80 is now out.

Now play against 4 AI difficulties:
The Janitor – Fell asleep in the cryotube and awoke with a robot army under her command.
The Shift Supervisor – Just starting out and still trying to get used to controlling everything.
The Managing Director – Enjoying her cushy job at the top with all the experience needed to crush anyone.
The Chairman – Happy to destroy a planet if it means he wont miss lunch.

The AI now has new methods of attacking and strategies.

Also enjoy a new planet: Brazara II – a lush tropical planet that used to be a holiday destination till Heskosium was discovered.


This brings the map total up to 6 with more to comecindarban finilosban nariusna tarkonisban thanatosban

A few issues sorted too to help the game run smoother.

  • SoundFX are now louder to help immerse the player.
  • Scores now display correctly at the end including a game time.
  • Orbital nudge is now more powerful.
  • Idle drones now help with construction rather then making a new drone.
  • Base door now has a health bar
  • Attack button now works on buildings
  • Targeted Reflection on shields have now been fixed.
  • All lasers have now been made more memory efficient.
  • Leg upgrade is now a special attachment rather then a global research

To come next:
Optimisations to fix slowdowns.

Graphical upgrades:



As always feel free to report back any issues you find on the Steam forms and let me know how you get on with the new AI.

Enjoy Version 0.80



Version 0.75

Excited to announce I have added a tutorial, let me know what you think? Its not set in stone so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

When you first start Executive Assault now a video tutorial will play at opportune moments during gameplay explaining what to do. This tutorial can be turned off in the options menu. It will be defaulted to ‘On’ for all players.

There are a load of issue fixes too:

  • You can now repair extractors
  • Added a heavy indoor turret
  • You can now see what weapons are assigned to each unit.
  • Added mouse sensitivity and invert for direct control mode
  • Jeeps can no longer be driven inverted
  • Temperature and armour have been removed and replaced with a simple damage and health system, meaning all the weapons now do totally different amounts of damage.
  • The turret alignment HUD on tanks no longer appear on bots.
  • Walkers no longer over tilt on terrains in direct control mode.
  • Mineral scan no longer breaks the minimap
  • Timed explosives now have a 20 second countdown
  • The robot you were controlling no longer runs back to its original position
  • The Emergency desk forcefield HUD should not appear in RTS mode now.
  • Airplanes no longer have issues attempting to fly underground
  • Calcite now reduces research times by 14% and not 10%
  • Tanks now hug the terrain.
  • The research facility now takes 1:30 to research instead of 3 minutes.
  • The AI CEO will no longer get distracted by something else and send his forces away mid attack
  • Audio on vehicles no longer break.

Let me know if you find any balancing issues as it has all been changed.
AI improvements will be coming soon.


Version 0.70

Version 0.70

  • Currently there is no server migration, so if you have a 3 or 4 player game against someone else and the server quits, everyone leaves.
  • A game against 4 CPU players can get a little sluggish.
  • In FPS feel free to run around and try and break things. You may fall through the floor, if this happens please let me know where. It can be simply fixed by exiting FPS mode.
  • I have noticed that it can be hard to remember where items are on the research tree, it may be a case of needing to rearrange things. Feel free to let me know any new layout ideas.
  • Multiplayer is a massive part of the game and equally comes with massive issues, please let me know what issues you find.
    There is currently no mouse cursor on the TriCruiser, but you can still shot things when in direct control mode.

Executive Assault now on the Steam store in Early Access

Get your suit on and prepare you self for the chance to command your very own robotic army from the comfort of your plush office. Executive Assault is now on Steam releasing on the 11th of March in Early Access. Spread the word!

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Executive Assault: Emergency desk forcefields

This week I will be releasing corporate training videos getting new executives up to speed on the latest technology at their disposal.

Executive Assault Beta: Gameplay

A video showing a typical game with research switched to instant and unlimited resources.
You may notice that a few weapons are over powered and what not, still balancing all the tech.
For some reason it was a little jumpy which I suspect is due to it recording as usually its quite smooth.


New Walker

Been working hard adding new items. Todays was the Heavy Walker. It was a bit bigger then I thought it was going to be, but actually quite like the size now, also great fun to stomp around in.

Multiplayer fun

I am going to attempt to give weekly updates on how Executive Assault is progressing.

This week was mainly bug fixing and multiplayer testing. After having a few games it really does add a whole new dimension to the gameplay when fighting against another human. I for one quite enjoyed flying around my friends base in an aircraft bombing his artillery to smithereens while he watched on from the office window.

One aspect I am also really eager to get started on is the hacking branch of the tech tree, however currently I am waiting on the good people at Unity to release the latest GUI tools which I have been assured are epic.

I should hopefully be adding more content again soon, especially missile defences and working base shields.