Latest trailer for Industry

After a lot of hard work I am proud to present the latest trailer for Industry.

The game is now in a state where all it needs is the content filling in, mainly the 200+ technologies which can be found on its wikisite, however much progress has already been made.

Soon I will be taking pre orders of the game to speed up production in the hope that I can deliver Industry next year. If you enjoy what you see, please help support Industry by liking it on Facebook and spreading the word. You can also follow the latest updates on

Until then, enjoy the video – it has come a long way since the first one I posted!

2 Responses to Latest trailer for Industry

  1. Maxamillion Logue says:

    can i please have a code this game sounds like the game i allways wanted to find

    • Hi there, glad your interested in testing the game, for now though its in closed alpha testing. Feel free to follow the Facebook page for the latest updates to when beta testing starts.

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