Executive Assault is now on Steam Greenlight

Help vote Executive Assault onto Steam, Only you can make it happen!

Steam Greenlight


Below is the launch video:


Now in top 100 on Greenlight!

Great effort everyone! Executive Assault is currently in the top 100 If we stay here then it should get Greenlit! Now comes the hard part and trying to stay in the top 100 against the tide of other games. If you know of anyone who would love to play Executive Assault and may not have voted yet then please give them ‘Encouragement’. http://www.executiveassault.com/steam

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Promo picture

Enjoy the new A12 bot!
A12 bot

Can now pilot walkers

Just created the cockpit for the walkers so you can now pilot one. OK its not Titanfall but still damn good fun! Plus if yours gets destroyed, you can simply customize and manufacture a new one at your Vehicle factory.

Executive Assault Gameplay video v0.60

Recently added a whole plethora of new features including:

  • Missile Silos: No need to send troops, just blast them from afar with highly precise but expensive ballistic missiles.
  • Artillery: A less accurate but easier to use long range weapon, simply select the area you want destroyed and your artillery will continuously rain down shells on the area.
  • Invigilator Walkers: Weaker armour then tanks, but much more powerful then troops, able to wander into an area with their dual gun points and decimate anything in sight.
  • Intelligence Centre: Now you can have a mini map in the corner so you can see the whole battlefield in one go. It does have a limited range but this can be removed by researching a satellite to launch into orbit. The satellite has other uses too such as scanning for resources hidden across the battlefield and also ‘encouraging’ a nearby asteroid to crash down.
  • B.A.R.B.R.A now kindly tells you when enemy troops are trying to use the lift, how nice of her.
  • Reduced the GPU overhead on troops so now you can have more of them.

Here is a video demonstrating all these features and the current state of Executive Assault. Enjoy!

Combat pictures

Thought I would upload some combat pics from my programming tonight. Currently working on streamlining the pathfinding so that it can handle more units and is also a bit more stable. Going to look at spreading out the troops a little too as the tanks seem to like to bunch together.

New cover art

Updated most of the icons now to feature the high detailed A11 bot.

Executive Assault v58


Latest pictures from v58

Industry is now Executive Assault

To make Industry a bit more search friendly I am changing the name of the game to Executive Assault.

In hindsight it was a bit silly of me to call it something with over 477,000,000 hits on Google.
Currently everything is slowly updated and in a few days Facebook might eventually change the name too.
But as of today it will be now known as Executive Assault. I feel now is the best time to do this before things really ramp up.
The old link to the website will redirect to this one which is now www.executiveassault.com
The links to IndiDB and Facebook will remain the same for the time being to help you all adjust to the new name.
On twitter,  @execassault
Enjoy the next post showing off the latest graphics.

Graphical update, new facility and artillery

Based on some of the feedback from my latest video I decided to upgrade the A11bot model. I originally never intended to add any rust or errors to bots texture as it had literally just been manufactured at the factory, however this made it look a little boring and unrealistic.


Along with updating some of the models I have also added the Long Range Facility and Artillery.

Securely enclosed inside the bunker, when activated, this behemoth will rise out and rain shells down on your target. Careful your mainframe doesn’t get hacked else you might not be able to open the outer doors to the building.